Does it protect nicotine from the emerging coronavirus? This was the dangerous premise of a team of doctors at the Petit-Salpetriere Hospital headed by the famous neuroscientist Jean-Pierre Changux, a member of the Academy of Sciences.

A controversial hypothesis will soon be the subject of a clinical study when nicotine spots are given to patients and caregivers to measure effects.

French radio “France.Inter” reported that the use of nicotine as a preventive and curative treatment against Coffid-19 is the hypothesis that the internal medicine team of the Pettier-Salpetriere Hospital has defended with the famous neurologist.

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French radio explained that the idea of ​​the hypothesis came after a study conducted by the hospital, and concluded that smokers are less affected than others by the virus, and through this observation a controversial hypothesis was born.

The hypothesis has been published by the French Academy of Sciences, and will soon be verified through a clinical study with nicotine that will have protective properties.

The study, which was conducted in “Petit Hospital”, comes after several experiments on the ground, indicating that “in recent weeks, a relatively low percentage of smokers has emerged among patients of the emerging coronavirus, and therefore prison inmates, psychiatric hospital patients and heavy smokers in general, the least Impact of HIV infection, “according to the study.

According to the study, “all these factors indicate that smoking may be one of the ways of protecting against the (Covid 19) virus.”

The study, conducted by Petit, focused on 350 patients in the hospital and 130 other patients seen in outpatient clinics, all of whom were infected with the virus (Covid-19).

In turn, one of the doctors who conducted the study, Zahir Ammoura, said: “We searched to see whether these patients smoke more or less of the general French of the same sex and age, by comparison with the general population data.”

He added: “We concluded that very few smokers were among Covid-19 patients, and we found only 5% of smokers among patients, which is a very low percentage.”

The researchers say that Health Minister Olivier Ferrand and General Director of Health Jerome Salomon have shown interest in the study, and once they have the green light, nicotine patches will be given to 3 different groups and in different doses.

The first category for caregivers as a preventive measure to see if this protects them; the second for hospital patients to see if symptoms improve; and finally for resuscitation patients, to see if their inflammatory condition is improving.

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