The name “Second Life” has become synonymous with the online virtual world. Second Life was launched in June 2003 and has more than 16 million registered accounts with several million active members. By allowing users to live in a fictional version of their real-life online, Second Life is easily the world’s most online virtual reality simulator.

For encouragement before working on this project you can earn from $ 1K to  $10K by working and renting restaurants, houses, discos and other things 

How easy is it to make money in Second Life?

There is a general bump in the online world about Second Life, the so-called online multiplayer role-playing game (MMPORG). Let me give you the thinnest here and now: it is possible to make a very good living by earning Linden Dollars ($ L) in Second Life and turning it into real money. However, it is not easy because at this writing, the average ration from L $ to US $ is between 270 to 1 (this means that for every $ 270 L you earn in Second Life, you earn only $ 1). Assuming that this did not discourage you from trying to earn a real life living in a virtual world, there are four good ways to earn L $ and eventually a real dollar:

Buy them directly on LindeX,

Get a job in second life,

Start your business in Second Life or …

Become a Baron Real Estate.

We will explore each one of these ways one by one.

Buy Linden Dollars on LindeX

LindeX is the dollar-denominated Linden Exchange that offers Second Life residents the ability to buy or sell L $. This is the best way to get your L $, although it is not “you earn” technically. However, buying them in this way, you have more resources to buy the things you want in Second Life. Moreover, as the old saying goes, “you must spend money to make money”, this applies to second life as well as in real life. This certainly applies if you decide that you want to earn L $ by getting a job in Second Life.

Once you create your Second Life avatar and start exploring, you’ll soon realize that all the cities, cafes, and clothes that people and homes inhabit by their characters are all made by other residents just like you. Stores where items are displayed may be owned by the creator of these items or may be owned by the property owner, but someone has certainly purchased the land where any store was built. The same goes for night clubs and houses. Some Second Life residents own entire islands.

The second life coin is linden. They work like dollars and exchange them for good and services within Second Life. Linden dollars can be purchased online or can be earned within the community. There are many different ways to make money in Second Life and some people participate in Second Life because they want to exchange the virtual dollar for real dollars. All this is completely legal and seems to have been actively encouraged by the creators, Linden Labs.

There are many different opportunities to make money in Second Life, depending on your skills. Many graphic designers design clothes and accessories worn by the avatar. Someone else may decide to run a nightclub and collect the entrance fee. Someone else could just be a bartender at this nightclub, working for a fee. The opportunities are endless and resemble how things work in the real world, but almost all of this is done.

The best way to learn about Second Life is to go ahead and record, create an avatar and start exploring. Secondlife on has a lot of great information about how the economy works and they even run an economic blog and keep statistics about their economy, just as economists develop US government statistics on our economic health. Once you get to know the virtual world a little better, you are likely to come to your own place and your ideas to make money and you can start exploring how best to find opportunities – whether you simply want to enjoy and build your own world in-game stakes, or want to start trading virtual money for the real thing .

Here is some explanation about the game


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